• Andy Clegg

Porsche or not Porsche that is the question?

When I was inspired to design the Spirit Of Le Mans tartans Porsche was very much at the top of the list. We can blame Steve McQueen and the iconic movie Le Mans for this! However Ford have also been a huge inspiration with their epic bumping of Ferrari off the podium at Le Mans 1966. The Ford GT40 is about as iconic as a car can be in my opinion. If I had to choose one car for my modern day garage the new Ford GT would be top of my list. Of course a classic Porsche is also on my #want list 😁

So, SOLM (Racing) tartan was designed primarily for car interiors and that remains goal number one. I’d love to see it in some iconic cars old and new. If you like the tartan then buy a sample and let’s talk. I’ll do my best to ensure only the nicest cars are ever blessed (yes I just said blessed...couldn’t think of a better word 🙊)

with my motorsport inspired tartan. Head to the Wikipedia page for Le Mans winners and you’ll see my target audience.

From Porsche to Ford to Jaguar to Bentley and even Ferrari are all potential SOLM clients so reach out to be considered if you own a top marques automotive icon!

Thanks for reading,

Andy Clegg


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