• Andy Clegg


Did I just invent a new word? Tartanprenuer really captures what I’m trying to become in order to make my Spirit Of Le Mans & SOLM (Racing) tartans successful. The tweed material shown in the photo was woven by Andrew Elliott Ltd of Selkirk, Scotland using traditional weaving looms. I made a visit to the mill ahead of ordering the material and immediately fell in love with the place. The smell of the yarns & oils coupled with the clicky clack of the machinery (some of which is over 100 years old!) was simply amazing. It was like stepping back in time to the industrial revolution period of history. The mill was the perfect place to weave the first run of SOLM tweed. You can visit the mill website here http://elliot-weave.co.uk/

With this being my first ever blog I’ll finish up here but will be sure to blog some more to keep you engaged and involved with my tartanprenuer journey and the SOLM tartans.


Andy Clegg


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