Spirit Of Le Mans (Retro Racing) 1m length x 150cm width

Spirit Of Le Mans (Retro Racing) 1m length x 150cm width


Price per metre varies depending on qty required plus shipping cost to be added. Please email andy@proebureau.com to discuss your specific requirements as discounts available for larger orders. Polyviscose material for use in car interiors. You will have already bought and tested a sample prior to making this purchase. As such you will be happy with the material and understand it is not treated with checmicals for fire retardent purposes. We would recommend you either have the material treated or use a suitable fire retardent lining material. With SOLM comes rules. By making this purchase you agree to only use the polyviscose for car interiors and agree not to create other commercial products with the material. Creating your own personal items such as a car keyring is perfectly acceptable! Let us know when you are making your purchase as it's better to speak to us in advance of hitting the payment button so we can work with you to ensure you get the order correct. Postage is not included with this item and you may be subjected to import duties in your respecive country for which you will be responsible for.

Pricing structure:

1-5 metres £70 per metre

6-15 metres £65 per metre

16-25 metres £60 per metre

26-50 metres £55 per metre

51-75 metres £50 per metre

  • Technical bit:

    Composition - Low pill 65/35 Polyester/Viscose

    Weave - 2/2 twill

    Weight - 375glm (250gsm)