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Community is at the heart of all things SOLM. With like-minded tartan & car loving people around the world we would love to introduce you all to one another via this community gallery page. Send us a message with a few pics of yourself, your car and of course your SOLM tartan of choice. Add a few words telling us who you are, what you drive and where you are in this small world we live in.

SOLM (RS) in a Corvette!

Canaan Manley learning the trim trade. First example of his work is on his very own pride & joy.

SOLM pup showing off his custom built chopper in Alaska!

I was really delighted to see this SOLM (Racing Reverse) bike seat and the chopper come together and even more delighted when I heard it was in Alaska. Maybe the furthest SOLM tartan has travelled so far. Enjoy the bike Jessie.

SOLM (Racing) in a VW!!

This VW splitty looks incredible. Built in Australia and the workmanship is simply magic!

SOLM (Retro Racing)

Seats made by Kens Customs for a Porsche 914 client.

We all secretly want a truck...

Our distribution partners at Relocate supplied the SOLM (Racing) for this beauty in America

Another Relicate client

Can you guess what vehicle this is? Answers on a postcard!

BMW Touring 2002 from 1972

This restoration by Dominic is quite stunning. Lots of lovely SOLM (Racing) can never have too much tartan.

356 Replica by our friends in Poland...Carbone Liveries.

This replica resto is incredible. They really did put the SOLM (Racing) to good use to make this wee beastie look amazing!

RWB in Poland

This build is still to be completed by the Japanese car legend. Covid put this one on hold due to travel. We'll be sure to share more when we this space folks.

Gulf road rally....

One of my Facebook buddies over in the USA has created this wonderful road rally beast. It's no garage queen that's for sure as it enters road rallies covering many miles. One of my favourites.

Porsche 914

The 914 community have been great supporters of the SOLM tartan collection. I love these cars and hope we see many more applying the tartans down the road.

Saudi Leman....

My client in Saudi doing incredible work with his interiors. He must have some very happy customers.

Retroautotek....our guy in Oz

The first thing Michael did with his stock of Racing Reverse was create these cool Recaro seats. If you need material in Oz and New Zealand go directly to these guys.

BMW bubbles!

When this popped up on social media it brought a huge smile to my face. You'll see this at car shows in America.

What is this I hear you ask...

It's incredible that's what it is.

Oh yeah...another truck...

I wish we had more trucks like this in the UK. Great work and another Relicate client in the US of A.

Seat covers...

As far as I know these are the only SOLM seat covers in the world. I think this is a super idea and they look like a perfect fit.

Because race car...

UAE client thrashing SOLM tartan around race tracks. His car looks ace in the Gulf livery.

Don Ramsay special...

Air Cooled Classic Porsche have been doing these cars long before the Singers of the world. Great work for this Dallas client. I got the call for this material order while the owner was racing on the other side of the world.....I was BBQ'ing in a freezing cold Scotland at the time haha

Spainish van....

With an instagram username of no_brakes_motorcycle_garage I'm concerned about the brakes on this van haha. Looks period correct with the SOLM (Racing) seats.

Some time ago in Germany..

Andreas at carpoint was one of my first tartan clients. He did not hesitate to get SOLM in the Porsche and also made seats, bags and more goodies.

GTS Classics, Austin, Texas

Stefan was one of my first clients. He was really helpful in my early stages of SOLM and I will not forget his knowledge sharing kindness!

Romanian Golf GTi

When Alin enquired about the SOLM (Retro Racing) for his Golf GTi I was super happy he chose it over VW generic tartan. He waited patiently for many weeks while the tartan was at the weaving mill. I'm sure he'll be the envy of GTi owners all over!

Before & After

The tartan Cayman looks superb with the Retro Racing which suits the red paint of the car. I'm sure door panels are next....just keep the dug aff the seats laddie haha

SOLM example seats

A few examples from around the world.

Seats & bags..

What would you make with SOLM tartans? Maybe we'll see it as a lining on some cool jackets one day....